February 6, 2016

All Babies are Heaven-Sent, but This One had a Little Miracle on His Side

All Babies are Heaven-Sent, but This One had a Little Miracle on His Side

February 6, 2016

Same baby, 3 times across and isn't he cuteLooking at this little man, you would never know that he had to fight for his life right out of the gate. Here, he is a little over 5 months old, yet he is only 10 pounds and gestationally is just a little over 2 months. These are his pictures after the NICU, after getting stronger at home for a few months.

Mom’s pregnancy was progressing fine, and there was nothing to worry about on the horizon. Until a routine doctor visit found that her blood pressure was through the roof. And I mean the roof was gone and nowhere to be seen. She was rushed to the hospital and found to have full blown eclampsia. The only cure for this deadly condition is to deliver the baby immediately. So, that’s what they did.

Mom stayed in the hospital recovering right along with her severely premature little baby for quite a while. He was eventually released about a week after his original due date and is now, thankfully, completely healthy and with a bright future ahead.

baby lying on a grey blanket with a brown knit cap on lying up with long eyelashesThis hat is actually newborn-sized, but it fits him perfectly. Looking at this image, all you see are those gorgeous brown eyes.Baby lying on his tummy pushed up on a red blanket with a bright green hat onWe took these images right before Christmas, so of course, I had to do something a bit Christmas-y! Baby staring into the camera on a grey backgroundLooking at him now, no one would guess how rocky his start in this world was. But God created him for great things, so He gave him a little extra miracle to make sure that he could grow up to do them all.

If your baby missed out on getting newborn pictures because he was recovering in the NICU, you can still get amazing pictures to capture the wonderful progress that she has made. Contact me today to talk about where you baby is developmentally and what you would like to capture. We can create beautiful images that will displace all of the fragile hospital memories with happy and glorious ones!Amber Sehrt Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer Glastonbury CT

Amber Sehrt specializes in photographing newborns, babies, and families with young children. She has been photographing little ones for over 8 years, has magical newborn soothing powers, and charms children with play that results in beautiful portraits. Apart from creating portraits, Amber loves spending time with her husband and four kids.

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