October 6, 2021

Newborn Photographs of an Answered Prayer~ Liana

Newborn Photographs of an Answered Prayer~ Liana

October 6, 2021

newborn photographs of an answered prayer newborn baby girl dressed in floral lace grey dress sound asleep with her head on the Bible including bible quote on wooden backgroundNewborn Photographs of an Answered Prayer

Every baby has their own story about how they came into the world. Some are surprise blessings that pop into their parents’ lives to change them forever. Others have an extended journey before finally joining the parents who have waited for them for so long.

Liana’s parents had been preparing for her for so long, praying for a new baby and a sibling for their wonderful son, and Liana did not disappoint. They didn’t know they were having a girl until she was born, and they were absolutely thrilled to welcome her to the family! To celebrate, we set out to create newborn photographs of an answered prayer.

For Liana’s newborn portraits, we wanted to capture just how loved and precious she is. Mom and Dad were excited to embrace Liana’s girly side with all kinds of flowers and frills, and little Liana settled into these sets and backgrounds so well! Laying on a bed of flowers makes her look like the beautiful princess that she truly is.

Faith-Based Newborn Photos

We also wanted to be sure to honor the faith that brought Liana to her new family. The portrait of Liana resting on the Bible, open to a passage in Samuel that reads, “For this child, I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart,” holds a special significance for the whole family.

While one of our goals for the session was to capture Liana’s family’s outpouring of love for their baby girl, that love comes through most clearly in the portraits of the entire family together. Mom and Dad look overjoyed to be cradling their baby girl, and Liana’s ten-year-old big brother has the sweetest smile as he holds his little sister. It’s clear that they were all meant to be together!

newborn baby girl sound asleep on wooden bed draped in mauve sweater wrap holding stuffed bunny surrounded by pink flowers and greenery atop a fuzzy blanket

new mom cradling newborn baby girl in grey floral dress close to her chestnewborn baby girl in laced grey dress sound asleep on top of a purple and white floral wreath with fuzzy purple and white blankets on pink background

new dad holding sweet newborn baby girl dressed in a floral grey dress and headband on grey background

sleeping newborn baby girl swaddled in magenta wrap with pearls wearing purple floral headband laying in wooden heart bowl surrounded by cupcakes and heart candies

older brother proud to be holding asleep newborn baby sister dressed in a grey floral dress

newborn baby girl wearing deep pink floral headband asleep in a bucket

newborn baby girl swaddled in lace wrap sleeping on top of rustic wooden bed with pink fuzzy blanket surrounded by pink flowers on wooden background

new parents and older son looking down at asleep newborn baby girl wearing floral grey dress

sweet newborn baby girl swaddled in pink wrap asleep on a pink background spelling out the word LOVE in flowers and bowsIf you have a new baby to celebrate, I would be honored to help you preserve the memories of this unique and special time in their life. Contact my newborn photography studio today to schedule your session.


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