November 11, 2021

Baby Boy Newborn Photos in Soothing Neutrals ~ Landon

Baby Boy Newborn Photos in Soothing Neutrals ~ Landon

November 11, 2021

I first met this adorable family back in the spring for Mom’s maternity photo shoot. They couldn’t wait to meet their little boy, and the excitement was easy to see in both of their smiles. Their maternity session had all the hallmarks of spring – they were surrounded by gorgeous flowers and dramatic, lively landscapes that created a picture of Mother Earth being just as eager to welcome her little ones as they were.

It was such a pleasure to work with these two that when I saw them again for baby Landon’s baby boy newborn photo session, it was a real treat. We opted for a much different feel for this photo session: serene and peaceful, fitting for a sleepy baby.

Sleepy Newborn Photos

Mom and Dad were actually concerned about how “sleepy” Landon would be. He’s been so interested in learning about his new world that he hasn’t been allowing his doting parents to get much sleep, so they were worried that he might be fussy during his session. Fortunately, though, Landon must have known how much these portraits meant to Mom and Dad, because he just curled up, quieted down, and enjoyed a nap throughout his session. We were able to capture plenty of sweet and sleepy newborn photos the entire family can enjoy for decades to come.

Baby Boy Newborn Photos

While many of Landon’s photos and his family portraits used neutral colors and backgrounds, we made sure to include enough of a variety to build a nicely customized album. The cozy pictures of Landon snuggled up with stuffed animals and tucked into tiny beds are classics. One of the most meaningful portraits, though, features Landon on top of a world map, foretelling the passion for travel that his adventurous parents can’t wait to share with him.

Baby Boy Newborn Photos newborn baby boy asleep on white blanket partially covered by off white wrap
Sleepy Newborn Photos newborn baby boy asleep in bear romper suit inside of a honey pot
new mom holding asleep newborn baby boy swaddled in taupe
Baby Boy Newborn Photos newborn baby boy fast asleep snuggled in between a teddy bear and a bunny
Sleepy Newborn Photos newborn baby boy bundled in purple sleeping on miniature rustic white bed
new dad holding asleep newborn baby boy swaddled in taupe
Sleepy Newborn Photos baby boy asleep wearing sweater romper on miniature white rustic bed with purple blankets
baby boy sleeping in a bowl on a world map with passports ready for travel
Baby Boy Newborn Photos new parents cradling asleep newborn baby boy swaddled in taupe

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