August 31, 2016

An Hour in the Life of a One Year Old Baby Girl

An Hour in the Life of a One Year Old Baby Girl

August 31, 2016

one year old baby girl photos sitting in grass looking at camera One Big Happy PhotoOne of the greatest rewards of my job is getting to watch babies grow from just a few days old into walking, talking little charmers. This beauty has grown into such a sweet little girl. And from the beginning of our session to capture her 1 year old baby girl photos, she showed us every single side of her personality. Here she was being coy and curious.

1 year old baby girl sitting in chair in garden playing with a flower One Big Happy Photo

Little Miss loved discovering this Queen Anne’s Lace bloom, and then tearing it to shreds! But who cares. . . she was happy as can be during this moment in her little chair.

one year old baby girl picture sitting on Mama's lap playing with a flower One Big Happy PhotoWhen the chair got boring, we brought Mom in on the action. They could have sat like this playing for hours. Momma is completely in love with her baby girl.

one year old baby girl photograph sitting on Daddy's shoulders One Big Happy PhotoWhen we decided to walk down the path, everything changed for their little lady. All of the sudden it was just too hot and she wanted only to be held. . . by Momma. But Daddy was a trooper and kept trying to dote on his little girl.

one year old baby girl pic staring up at camera with reflection in her eyes One Big Happy PhotoHappy once more, I caught the sky reflected in her eyes in this photograph.

downward shot of baby girl's eyelashes One Big Happy PhotoThose little details, like eyelashes and toes, often get attention in photographs of newborns. But photographing them again once your little one has grown a bit, makes you appreciate them all over again.

one year old baby girl photo standing next to a child chair in garden One Big Happy PhotoLook at my skills! Not quite walking here (although she is now, I’m told), little Miss was more than happy to show us how she can stand up and cruise around the furniture.

Momma comforting one year old baby girl photos One Big Happy PhotoAnd, we’re sad again! Oh, the emotional roller coasters that toddlers drag us on. I love this image because you can see the powerful love that her Momma has for her as she helps to make everything all better again.

one year old baby girl being caught in air by Daddy One Big Happy PhotoAll better! Daddy came to the rescue with a playful game of tossing her up in the air and then catching her. She tried to vacillate back and forth between crying and laughter for the first few tosses, but in the end, laughter won.

Cupcake smash with one year old baby girl photo One Big Happy PhotoA favorite part of every baby session is when we introduce food. Those lucky enough to be turning one year old get cake! Sugar lips here couldn’t get enough of it.

family photo of one year old baby girl with Mama and Daddy One Big Happy Photo

And I was over-the-moon when I captured this moment. Baby girl here has put that same foot up in her family portrait at every session so far, and she didn’t disappoint this time. Such a beautiful family! I’m looking forward to seeing this little one grow for years to come.

Want to see how this little beauty has changed this past year? Check out her Newborn session and then her 6-month session by clicking on the bold words.

If you would like to capture your baby’s milestones, like sitting, standing or turning one-year-old, contact me today. My fall sessions are booking up quickly and moments like this happen once in a lifetime.

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Amber Sehrt specializes in photographing newborns, babies, and families with young children. She has been photographing little ones for over 8 years, has magical newborn soothing powers, and charms children with play that results in beautiful portraits. Apart from creating portraits, Amber loves spending time with her husband and four kids.

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